Database Marketing

Detailed customer and transaction data analysis is essential to understanding your customer base. Horizon is suited to help its clients leverage this data through one-to-one direct marketing campaigns.Beginning with a solid understanding of your customers and market segments, Horizon builds and implements database marketing campaigns to create expanded business opportunities. By recognizing changing industry dynamics, Horizon will prepare your company for anything from new competition to increasing market share. Horizon will access the highest quality data available in the marketplace through arrangements with data compilers and specialty list managers. From resident/occupant lists of respondents, or compiled lists with multiple selection criteria and overlay modeling, you can be assured to receive the most accurate, up-to-date and applicable records for your campaign. Horizon’s capabilities include data warehousing, to consolidate relevant business data from multiple operational and external sources, allowing you to attain an accurate overview of your customers and the business process. The company has developed customer and transaction data essential to building successful one-toone relationship marketing. Horizon’s knowledgeable staff and powerful analysis tools will help you:

• Segment your customers accurately
• Manage customer-based information more cost effectively
• Understand customer and prospect profiling
• Identify buying patterns
• Address customer needs quickly and professionally
• Target products and services to meet changing demand
• Retain the loyalty of profitable customers
• Gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing environment

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